Sakura School Simulator

An unusual school is located in the best area of the Sakura City. Its students are not quite like other teenagers, because they are special, and they are the ones that will be discussed in the sakura school simulator game. In this sandbox game you will have endless possibilities to diversify your leisure time. The appearance and traits of your character entirely depend on your decisions and tastes. After all, only you know how he should dress, what hairstyle and accessories he should have.

As if in an ideal society of the future, each student of Sakura School Simulator has the opportunity to modestly and tastefully equip his life, acquiring his own house, car and household. Your home will not only serve as a place to sleep and rest, but can also become a center of social attraction. You will be able to invite other players there, with whom you will become friends. The game provides endless possibilities for interacting with other players and the environment – almost anything is possible here! Meet, seek love, have fun and fight – nothing limits the choice of your path.

The school is very spacious and can accommodate everyone. Its numerous offices and locations will become a real battlefield, both in the struggle for hearts and in repelling serious threats! Alien invasions and zombies are as common here as leaking taps and broken cisterns in other places! But the school is not without reason famous for its students – in case of danger, they are able to instantly unite to protect their alma mater. In addition, each, in addition to the car, also has a jetpack, which instantly delivers them to the very thick of hostilities. And after the adversary is driven out, you can quite afford to relax in a cafe, dance on the dance floor or just walk with friends, discussing the latest class news.

The teachers in this school are also unusual, they are able to provide support to each student and give the appropriate parting words. In general, no one is bored in the world of this game, because there is entertainment for every taste – attraction parks, public places and institutions, mini-games that give an opportunity to compete with other players and much more! Every time you go outside, you absolutely cannot imagine how this universe will surprise you next time. Your actions and your style are what shapes the world of sakura school and sets its orbit! Join, and you too can become the center of its gravity!

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