Sakura School Simulator Update

Japan is a country with one of the most ancient histories. Its green meadows and picturesque mountains have seen many events, seen strange foreigners who arrived from distant countries or, on the contrary, escaped through the strait from their great neighbor – China. Unique natural, geographic, ethnographic and cultural conditions have created the most inimitable flavor that exists on Earth.

So it comes as no surprise that things created in this region have always possessed some special charm, the charm of modest simplicity, combined with high skill and knowledge. The Japanese also have a great love of painting and animation. Their canons of craftsmanship, carried over to modern conditions, gave rise to a whole offshoot of visual aesthetics – manga. The freely drawn characters of these works evoke genuine sympathy for almost every person from every corner of the globe. Thus, the Japanese gaming industry did not stand aside, but gave rise to whole galaxy of quality games.

One of these well-deserved masterpieces is Sakura School Simulator. In it, you are transported to one of the branches of the anime paradise, where you can finally live with dignity – move everywhere by transport or by air, live in a tastefully decorated bungalow, hang out with the same torn as you! Daredevils and party girls will become your new environment. In their circle, the study will go well! Endless picnics, restaurant trips and pretentious expensive clubs, go out and feel like a king! Life in the circle of anime friends will fly by like one single amazing day!

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