Sakura School Simulator Online

What does it take to create the perfect school? First, it must be located in Japan and meet the highest standards of cuddiness and kawaii. Secondly, each student is simply obliged to be a bright and strong personality with a vulnerable child’s soul, as in the best anime canons. And you will find all that in Sakura School Simulator online!

The locals won’t disappoint you, all of them are born-in-the-sky stars who are the envy of the existing celebrities. Also, the students of this school are completely independent and can drive not only a car, but are also able to operate a jetpack, flying wherever they please, as if by magic. In general, all of the above describes the sakura school simulator in the best possible way – a game about the unusual life of an ordinary Japanese schoolchild.

Here you can become exactly who you want – an anime girl in a school uniform and with hair the color of Salvador Dali’s acid trip or a charming excellent student who can win any heart. But if you do not like such correct images, you can choose another path for yourself – gain the notoriety of a bully and bully who is constantly looking for adventure on his head. The space of the school itself and its surroundings has been worked out in great detail – classrooms for each subject, a gym and changing rooms, common spaces and art circles. You can create not only the appearance of your character, but also the dwelling in which he will live and where he can take guests to show off his creative ideas in front of them.

Absolutely every character in this game is able to talk to you, which will be appreciated by fans of truly deep role-playing games. It is good news that all items in the game are interactive and available for interaction. Evaluate the endless possibilities of customizing the characters and their appearance, as well as the collective threats that periodically occur and add peppercorns to the gameplay! After all, you must agree, reflecting the invasion of aliens is not something you can just ignore! Having united, the schoolchildren are even able to drive back hordes of zombies that are trying to take over the school! Under the guidance of their teachers, students are able to cope with any other danger that may threaten the well-being of their cozy corner. See for yourself and enjoy the game!

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