Sakura School Simulator Mobile

Ah, this adolescent time, when it is so easy and free to breathe, everything that so disturbs the soul remains in it, coming to everyone in dreams. After all, what could be more exciting than the first date, the first words of the words of love … So it was from time immemorial and will always be, unless, of course, humanity undergoes a global cataclysm. And in the same way, since ancient times, people have been looking for a means to regain that captivating freedom that only young hearts can experience. Sakura School Simulator will give you such a chance!

The world of fantasy attracted and drew the eyes of the crowd. And when the first games with a plot and relative freedom of action began to appear, humanity took a big step in terms of immersion in fantastic and idyll dimensions. Having turned on your imagination and armed with an old PC, you are quite capable of becoming what you want today, for a while forgetting about momentary worries. Anime worlds created by the best minds of humanity will let you in and give you many hours of pleasant leisure.

One of those worlds is Sakura School Simulator. In it, you have to lead the life of an ordinary teenager from an anime city. The city is filled with quite independent residents you can interact with. Naturally, you, as a school student, should look decent and have a lot! Your home will become a reflection of your image the moment a crowd of your new friends and classmates gathers at your place. And not to stomp your feet, you can hit the road by car or just fly! Your costume will also give you a true aristocrat when you smoothly defile in it along the school foyer, causing the amazement of the girls and the dull envy of losers. And so that you do not get bored and life does not seem fresh to you, special adventures are provided! Invasions of guests from other worlds and from the underworld, as well as fun battles with other players are waiting for you. Who knows what you will learn in this school, but you will surely be delighted!

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