Sakura School Simulator Full Game

In the world of online games, bright representatives don’t appear so often. But when they do, they occupy a place in the hearts of fans for a long time, acquiring a large army of fans. The new game Sakura School Simulator is one of the cohort of games for mobile platforms that stand out from the general gray mass. In it, you will become an ordinary Japanese schoolboy or schoolgirl who lives a simple, modest life, slowly gnaws at the granite of science, meets with friends and girlfriends, and of course fights on the fields of a secret war, which such students usually wage.

Demons? Vampires? Zombie? Any enemy can be dealt with by an ordinary Japanese schoolchild if there are friends and mentors behind him! In this game, any opportunities are available to him. You can communicate with any NPC you meet on the streets and even brazenly kiss passing girls, receiving a slap in the face in return. Myriads of locations will be available to you. The town has restaurants and a pastry shop, as well as a yakuza office, where everyone can buy weapons and equipment to their liking. And if you meet someone who will become especially dear and significant to you, you have the opportunity to marry your chosen one. For this purpose, the developers have provided a real chapel in the city!

But this is not limited to this, you can equip your home, and then drive your newly acquired school vehicles there! Show the world your unrivaled sense of style by dressing up your hero as you see fit! Show your personality in your choice of car, home furnishings and costume details. Your character has the ability to fly through the streets on a jetpack like a ghost with a motor. You shouldn’t run into people, because they shy away and get scared. The school building itself contains many secrets, which can be solved by completing quests and participating in group events.

Periodically, the school is shaken by the raids of aliens, from which you have to defend yourself. Also, don’t forget about the appearance of unexpectedly large numbers of zombies. But you, as a proud warrior of school corridors, carefully respecting and keeping the traditions of the samurai, do not have the slightest doubt that the enemy will be defeated again. After another victory, everyone can return to normal life again, visit a cafe, walk with friends and celebrate with a good piece of cake. Try Sakura School Simulator and immerse yourself in the atmosphere of an endless holiday in the anime world!

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