Sakura School Simulator for Girls

What do all girls love most of all when it comes to online games? Of course, having fun with outfits, hairstyles and the appearance of the characters! And there is no better place to do it than Sakura School Simulator. In this game you will have full freedom of creativity in customizing your hero (or heroine).

Character editor is what the whole thing starts with. You will be able to choose one of the default ones or make up your own. Prepare to get excited and confused by a great number of options available in the menu. You probably haven’t see so many clothes of all sorts in your entire life! With the help of unique accessories and color manipulations, you can change even the most ordinary Japanese school uniform into an elegant outfit worthy of red carpets or a downright crazy suit that only a complete psycho would wear.

Besides, it’s so great to experiment with all kinds of hair, shapes of eyes and noses, face expressions that you can endow your heroes with! Everything gets even more interesting when you realize that the same facial traits can look totally different as you try on various hair styles and every small detail matters. And then there is a whole new and fun life for you to live in this cozy Japanese city going to a typical anime school, meeting friends and falling in love! Plunge into this great vibrant world right now!

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