Sakura School Simulator 2021

Do you want to take a break from the gray everyday life and be transported into a bright world without restrictions? Then welcome to Sakura School Simulator 2021! Get ready to put on your school uniform and step into this wonderful Japanese campus for the first time!

The game is played from a third person perspective. That is, you will fully see your hero and what is happening around him. The translucent buttons of the interface will not block what is unfolding on the screen and will not prevent you from completely immersing yourself in the atmosphere of a beautiful Japanese town. At the bottom right, you can see the action bar, thanks to which you can quickly switch between the necessary options, which are also tied to hot keys. The character can move from step to run and back, jump, talk, fight, and so on. There is a separate button that allows you to use the jetpack, if you have one.

There are also interactions with various characters. There are options here such as approach, talk, or attack. The rest of the actions to other people will be revealed as the relationship develops. For example, if you become close to a character and have a romantic relationship, you can hug and even kiss them. But for fights you don’t have to try a lot – you can come up and get involved in a battle with absolutely any person you see in front of you.

Fights represent a separate part of the game, there is a health bar that gradually decreases with each blow, different types of movements and attacks. Of course, this is not enough for a full-fledged tactics, but it brings variety to the gameplay. You may even die – of course, not completely, because the next day you will still wake up in your bed and everything will start all over again. However, the relationship with this particular character will already be spoiled – upon seeing you, he will either run away or try to take revenge. Rebuilding relationships is difficult, but possible. This will take a lot of time and unsuccessful attempts, because after such a person simply does not even want to talk to you. But remember, there is nothing incorrigible in Sakura School Simulator 2021. Dive headlong!

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