Sakura School Simulator 2

Surely everyone secretly dreams at times to be transported to some other universe where you can be who you want. In the game Sakura School Simulator 2 you will be given such an opportunity! Start creating your character using endless customization possibilities and embody your ideas of beauty. You will also have your own home, which you can equip, improving its furnishings and surroundings. But the time has come to go out, because the true center of this world is the school.

Here you can meet other students who will be happy to get to know you better. You will be able to establish relationships, find friends, visit and communicate, just like in real life! And if you don’t get along with someone, then there is always the opportunity to punch them. In other words, wonderful school years in all their glory! In addition to social interactions, many other activities will be available to you. Any objects in the game world are available for interaction, just as you can talk to any character or tell him about yours. Go to cafes, hang out in locations with other people, and if you get bored, you can move on to a more extreme vacation. For example, you can ride a jetpack, flying around the neighborhood like an eagle, visit an amusement park and even prank around the ballroom in a ballet tutu, not being afraid to be known as an eccentric gentleman. In general, no obstacles will stand in the way in order to hang out well in a pleasant place.

The gameplay is diversified by insane events that force all players to unite for a while in the name of a common goal. After all, as has been known since time immemorial, nothing unites as much as a reflection of a sudden invasion of aliens or pacification of the wicked and plague hordes of zombies. But after the zombies are defeated and the aliens are expelled, it’s time for fun, dancing, music and dating again. The school was worried and not so and always became only more beautiful. Challenge yourself in the arenas of school battles and experience the incredible creative freedom that the world of this game gives. In it, you can plunge into a riot of colors, colors and shapes, spending time having fun, chatting with other people and winning the hearts of local schoolgirls. Have fun playing Sakura School Simulator 2 online!

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